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Pellet Stoves and why You should be Interested

pellet stove reviewsPellet stoves are actually a well established type of stove. These stoves burn fuel, much like any other stove, the fuel in this case are wood or biomass pellets. Typically these are made from waste or byproducts or manufacturing or agriculture. These are wood shavings, sawdust or any other wood waste from mills as well as husks and other combustible matter, which are collected and compressed to form pellets.

Pellets contain very little ash and burn cleaner and provide more heat than ordinary wood. The interest in pellets has gone up because of its properties. It is cheaper than fossil fuels and produces less pollution. Pellet stoves and pellets have gotten certain incentives in terms of taxes as well as EPA regulations because it is considered “clean.”

A short review of different stoves is given in the following section.

Pellet Stove Guide

The following pellet stove reviews should give you a quick look at how the different brands performed. While pellet stoves are certainly energy efficient, some brands will naturally perform better than others. To find out the different characteristics of these brands, read on below.

• Harman – the Harman pellet stove lines has consistently been ranked very high in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. The P series as well as the Accentra have all been rated high in different consumer reviews. It does however cost significantly higher than other units with prices coming in at more than $3000.

• Quadra-Fire – the Mt. Vernon AE, Classic and Castile stoves have all gotten pretty good reviews. They provide good heat and come in at above $2500.pellet stove reviews enviro The stoves can utilize different pellets, including biomass pellets. They also give off very low emissions.

• Enviro – the Meridian and Empress give a more modern look for pellet stoves but functions pretty much the same. It comes in at $2900. It is pretty much used for more mid-size applications. Consumer reviews have been mixed, but it has been said to perform well.

• Breckwell – it produces different mid-size to larger sized stoves. It has gotten some mixed reviews with ratings coming in at either very high or very poor. While the performance may be okay, a recurring problem is with its warranty. It has been bought out by another company, and service issues have been recurring after that.

• Napoleon – Specifically the NPS40. It has received some mixed reviews but is generally rated to perform quite well. It costs less than the Harman stove and comes in at just above $2000.

• Lopi – Lopi has experienced some problems with some lines due to problems with the pellet sizes. Longer sized pellets would jam in the auger which rendered the unit as non-functional. However, with the use of correct sized pellets, the unit works just fine. It is also expected that the manufacturer will address the problem in later units.

The Verdict

Different products do offer different results. It can be a difficult task to get a comprehensive review of pellet stoves since they are just gaining popularity. Misuse of the stoves can contribute to a brand being less popular. The consensus however is that Harman and Quadra-Fire do make excellent stoves, with the others getting mixed reviews.pellet stove reviews quadra-fire To know which one is right for you, you can ask other friends who have made pellet stove purchases. Experiences do vary, so it will be very helpful to hear a review from someone you know and trust.

But for a quick peek on some of the issues you need to be aware of, you can use the pellet stove reviews above. This will help you make your own decision about what to get.

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